Villa Versoix


Since 2017, last project in 2021.


Since 2017, our client has regularly entrusted us with renovating and redesigning certain spaces in their villa. We have worked on both outdoor and indoor improvements.

Interior architecture and design :
Cécile Morel 

The house, with remarkable wooden architecture, spans across a ground floor level and a basement level, seamlessly integrating into a beautiful garden. The owners, passionate about Asia and Japan in particular, desired the house and garden to reflect a serene and calming ambiance, where every detail, whether interior or exterior, is meticulously considered.

Regarding the exterior, we designed a carport for which we managed the necessary construction permits. The wooden design of this carport harmonizes perfectly with the house architecture, creating aesthetic unity. We also handled the selection of garden furniture, including sofas and tables, as well as a beautiful swing overlooking the pool, and original sun loungers shaped like leaves.

For the interior, our involvement touched several spaces, including the living room, kitchen, and a room dedicated entirely to meditation. We reimagined their layout, proposed suitable furniture and lighting, while designing custom fittings and wardrobes for multiple rooms in the house.

Clients :

Photos :
Cécile Morel