Cécile Morel

Cécile Morel graduated in interior architecture in 2001. She lived in London and Paris before settling in Geneva.

She began her career in renowned architectural firms, working on various projects, including high-end private residences and luxury hotels in England, France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia.

In 2014, she founded Cécile Morel Interior Architecture, offering her services to both private and professional clients for new construction or renovation projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Her team consists of experienced interior architects and a perspectivist, with a specialist in hotel and restaurant projects complementing this dynamic team.

Cécile Morel is known for her ability to create elegant, comfortable, and personalized spaces tailored to the needs of each client.

She works closely with a dedicated team of passionate professionals, project managers, and qualified partners to successfully complete each project.

Among her notable achievements are collaborations with prestigious brands such as Christian Dior, master chocolatier Philippe Pascoët, the Woodward Geneva palace belonging to the Oetker Collection hotel group, and the developer Cydonia, among others.

In parallel, since 2018, Cécile Morel has also been a jury member at the interior architecture school CREAD in Lyon (France) for the professional certification of Global Design Interior Architect. Cécile Morel herself graduated from this school.

Recently, Cécile Morel Interior Architecture was nominated for the DESIGN.et.al Awards in London for the “Le Comptoir Woodward” project in Geneva, a prestigious recognition that highlights the talent and expertise of Cécile Morel Interior Architecture.

Cécile Morel is a member of the Swiss Association of Interior Architects.