School Montessori 3 12 – Phase 2


Rue du Prè-de-la-Bichette, 1

Opening : August 2020

500 m2

The Montessori 3 12 school is nestled in the heart of the city of Geneva, in the international district of Nations, within the annex of the NBC – Nations Business Center. Its premises overlook a wooded park of 1200 m2, exclusively reserved for the school. With its initial success, the school felt the need to expand. Originally built in 2017 on the ground floor to accommodate children aged 3 to 6, we were tasked with constructing an extension on the terrace level, this time dedicated to children aged 6 to 12.

Interior architecture and design :
Cécile Morel 

Our mission encompassed finishing works, interior fittings, and decoration. This new space to be developed covers 500 m2, offering a vast area to utilize.

Our specifications were clear: integrate 3 classrooms of 100 m2 each, multiple meeting rooms, an “Clos Lieu” art room, a music/theater room, an after-school room, a staff room, and sanitary facilities, all designed according to Montessori pedagogical principles.

We prioritized natural lighting in the three large classrooms, providing views of the cafeteria’s expansive terrace and garden. Other rooms, located at the back, benefit from natural light through large skylights. Floor-to-ceiling windows were integrated into all spaces, promoting the flow of natural light and creating a welcoming atmosphere where each area is visible from others.

Wood, a characteristic element of Montessori pedagogy, was extensively used throughout the school, whether for doors, window frames, kitchen facades, or furniture. Each classroom also features a kitchen area, recognizing the importance of water in Montessori learning.

We paid great attention to lighting in all spaces, subtly integrating light strips around skylights and linear bands on the ceiling to structure and rhythmize the space.

As an interior architect, participating in the creation of projects for children is an incredibly rewarding experience, bringing immense satisfaction.

Clients :
Nicole Jacquemoud

ASS Architectes Associés SA

Photos :
Cécile Morel

Architecte recommendation :
Here are our impressions regarding our collaboration for the completion of the Montessori School 3 12 in 2020.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for the quality of the collaboration we maintained throughout this project. Our exchanges, whether through emails or in-person on the site, have always been productive and rich in solutions.

Additionally, you have always been very responsive. The schedule for the interior architecture work was meticulously followed and coordinated perfectly with our work on the technical layout of the premises. We encountered no unpleasant surprises, which speaks to the quality of preparation and execution both in terms of the plans and the tradespeople selected by you for this project.

Upon handing over the premises to the owner, we observed how successful the enhancement of the spaces was. It was quite a challenge to transform former industrial premises, dark and raw, into a bright, warm learning environment that we initially found it hard to imagine as a vibrant school. Congratulations on successfully meeting this challenge.

We hope to cross paths again on a future project, and in the meantime, please accept our best regards.

ASS Architectes Associés SA