Philippe Pascoët

Chocolate – Pastry – Tearoom

Avenue de Miremont, 7

Opening : December 2020

100 m2

Swiss Master Chocolatier Philippe Pascoët has entrusted us with a complete interior design brief for the renovation of his chocolate-patisserie-tearoom in Geneva’s Champel district. The renowned chocolatier, who already runs the Carouge chocolate factory and a boutique in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hôtel de la Paix in Geneva, wanted to breathe new life into his latest establishment.

Interior architecture and design :
Cécile Morel 

We took charge of the entire process, from applying for planning permission, creating the design concept, inviting tenders, managing the schedule and controlling costs, right through to monitoring the site.

Although the brand’s visual identity was already present on the packaging, we had to design an identity specific to the location. We had to appeal to a diverse clientele of all generations.

The design was inspired by the colours of the pods, with a predominance of orange, the brand’s signature colour, and green for a touch of greenery and to bring softness and dynamism to the space. 

The bespoke furniture, with its clean lines in gilded metal and marble, highlights each product in the collection. The central island will serve as a gourmet cake shop. 

To add a unique touch, we asked Philippe Pascoët to create a custom-made wallpaper. Our talented artist, Pamina (Kariokas company) brought to life a world of jungle and cocoa trees, resulting in a magnificent work of art.

Clients :
Philippe Pascoët

Photos :
Anton Cherepanov & Nathalia Guimaraes

Client recommendation :

« We chose the talented interior designer Cécile Morel for our brand new Philippe Pascoët Tea Room in Champel.

In our quest for professionalism, we didn’t hesitate for a second.  Cécile immediately understood our brand while respecting the history of chocolate and the atmosphere of our chocolate shop.

A design in the colours of the pods. Our emblematic orange, green for a touch of vegetation… Custom-made furniture with clean lines to highlight each product in the collection.  Each shelf has been designed to match our packaging. The layout is based on the customer’s fluidity.  Our central kitchen, which acts as a gourmet cake shop for the famous moelleux and other delicious cakes, was tailor-made under Cécile’s expert eye.  The materials are trendy and refined. A perfect mastery of our brand image.

Everything was managed with an iron fist in a velvet glove throughout the project.  An address book to suit every need, right down to the detail of a unique tapestry design.   We were delighted with her unfailing presence right up to the end. »

Camille Perret
Marketing Manager – Philippe Pascoët