La Boca

Mexican Fusion Restaurant and Mezcal and Tequila Bar

Route de Verbier Station, 61

December 2023

200 m² + Terrace
100 Seats and 10 Bar Seats + Terrace

In a lively bar in the heart of Mexico, Johan, Will, and Greg reunite after decades apart. To the sound of mariachi rhythms, they reminisce about their past and realize that their love for tequila remains unchanged. As the night progresses and margaritas flow, a wild idea emerges: opening a Mexican restaurant in the Swiss Alps. Amid laughter, they seal their pact with a joyful “¡Salud!”

Interior Architecture and Design :
Cécile Morel 

The restaurant La BOCA has inherited a welcoming and structured space, dominated by solid oak: a majestic frame, imposing bases, and pillars. Located in Verbier, in the heart of a ski resort, we have fused styles to create a Mexican decor wrapped in a mountain atmosphere. We chose vibrant colors such as terracotta, turquoise, and orange to create a warm ambiance. The furniture, entirely made of walnut wood, was custom-designed for La BOCA, offering a touch of modernity that harmonizes perfectly with the oak present in the structure. The solid wood tables, with their irregular edges, add character to the space. The chairs and stools, large and comfortable, skillfully combine walnut wood and hand-woven straw for a contemporary aesthetic.

We created different atmospheres. The bar is adorned with Mexican Talavera tiles and an immense mural representing “the beautiful lady of the Day of the Dead,” created by artist Kim Straehler, offering a vibrant atmosphere. The ceilings are covered with natural fiber wallpaper, highlighted by rattan suspensions.

The dining areas are distinct: the first, under the exposed frame highlighted by delicate lighting, features a majestic tree surrounded by a large banquette, creating a cozy space. The second, near the stone fireplace, is adorned with hanging plants, wicker baskets, and light fixtures, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Clients :
Johan, Will et Greg

Graphic design  :
Fabio Filippi 

Photos :
Cécile Morel