Flat in Montreux




The renovation of this exceptional apartment was entrusted to the architecture firm Samuel Créations, with interior design led by Cécile Morel. Ideally nestled in a building featuring remarkable architecture and boasting stunning views of the lake, facing the Fairmont Palace Hotel, the space has been transformed into a luxurious, elegant, and functional residence.

Interior architect and design :
Cécile Morel 

Designed to accommodate a family of four, this duplex apartment has been completely redesigned with meticulous attention to detail and comfort.

The transformation has touched every corner of the apartment, including the complete refurbishment of the bathrooms and hammam area. Spanning two levels, the duplex features on the lower level a spacious living room, a billiards area, and a large terrace, while the upper level houses a generous kitchen/dining area alongside four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Among the most significant changes, we created a custom central feature that harmoniously connects the two levels of the apartment. On the lower level, in the living room area, we designed a sleek, contemporary fireplace. Near the dining area on the upper level, we cleverly integrated a wine cellar and a cigar humidor. This feature rises over 4 meters high, adding a majestic dimension to the space.

In pursuit of harmony and functionality, we also crafted a second central element between the kitchen and dining area, incorporating a sideboard on one end and seamlessly integrating kitchen appliances on the other. We engaged a stained glass artist to create illuminated cabinet doors, adorned with LED backlighting, infusing an artistic and contemporary touch into the space.

Each bedroom was personalized to meet the needs, tastes, and ages of its occupants, with bespoke furniture and decor tailored accordingly.

The living room area is generous and divided into three distinct zones: a reception/discussion space near the fireplace, a TV lounge area, and a billiards corner, providing varied spaces for the family and guests to relax and entertain.

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Photos :
Cécile Morel