Don’t tell Aunty

Bar Lounge – Speakeasy

Galerie Saint-François A

Opening : May 2021

120 m2 

Uncle Gau has transformed this hidden spot beneath the Galerie Saint-François in Lausanne into a veritable cocoon for spirits. In this former cobbler’s workshop, where he used to drink spirits with his uncle, the latter often told him to keep these moments of sharing to himself: “shhh, Don’t tell Aunty!”.

Interior architecture and design :
Cécile Morel 

To go in the bar-lounge, we have to pass through Uncle Gau’s cobbler’s shop. Behind a thick velvet curtain lies a mysterious bar.

Our aim was to create a hushed, intimate and enchanting setting.

We designed the whole bespoke environment: the bar with its cocktail stations, the back bar, the banquette, the tables and the delightful little armchairs.

The walls and ceiling are predominantly dark blue, with orange adding contrast, character and rhythm to the space.

The furniture is a subtle blend of walnut, brass and black marble.

The brass and opaline bar is the centrepiece of the space, deliberately brightly lit and standing like a radiant spring at the heart of the room.

The space is also adorned with an art-deco wallpaper that recalls the Roaring Twenties.

Clients :
Charlotte Gauthier et Justine Maslard

Architecture :
Colin Fontaine Architectes

Photos :
Think Utopia

Client recommendation :

« Working with Cécile on the refurbishment of a Restaurant (Uncle Gau) & Bar-Lounge (Don’t tell Aunty) in the protected Galerie St François in Lausanne saw the creation of a unique, beautiful & tastefully decorated place.Cécile is not afraid to go above & beyond to source fabrics or furniture from all corners of the world, & even designed most of the chairs & tables herself to be tailor made so that it would fit our vision perfectly.It was a true pleasure to work with Cécile as I could feel her passion for her work. Not hesitating to propose change or add designs even though we had validated the final plans because she thought this new idea could work better.In fact, I am already working again with Cécile for another project in Lisbon. »

Charlotte Gauthier
Founder & CEO – Aunty & Uncle Lausanne SA

« Cécile brilliantly managed the entire process, from studies and administrative procedures to architectural direction and planning management, with meticulous financial monitoring. Her expertise extends from the meticulous choice of materials to the creation of unique furniture, lighting and textiles that have greatly enriched the atmosphere of the renovated spaces.

All of her work, illustrated through 2D plans, 3D perspectives, selections of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, as well as mood and material boards, testifies to her exceptional ability to bring an artistic vision to life.

What particularly sets Cécile apart is her unwavering commitment to understanding and respecting the history and culture of places, while integrating modern elements with remarkable finesse. She has worked with top architects on both new-build and renovation projects, demonstrating remarkable versatility and open-mindedness.

Cécile also excels at managing large-scale and medium-scale projects, from the initial project study through to cost estimates, site audits and surveys, and the preparation of building permit applications.

His showroom support, attention to detail and unwavering professionalism were key to our joint success.

I warmly recommend Cécile Morel’s services to anyone looking for an interior designer capable of transforming spaces with creativity, expertise and exceptional project management.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss in more detail the positive impact of our collaboration should you wish to do so. »

Justine Maslard
CO-Founder – Aunty & Uncle Lausanne SA

Architecte recommendation :
«By this letter, we confirm that you collaborated with our firm as an interior architect for the Uncle Gau restaurant and the Don’t Tell Aunty lounge bar project in Lausanne during 2020/2021.
We greatly appreciated our teamwork on this unique project, studied and realized together as a multidisciplinary team. It was a very beautiful and rich collaboration that ultimately allowed us to design these two distinctive venues to the great satisfaction of the owner and users.
We would be very happy to renew this wonderful work experience with you on future projects.
We wish you full success in your future endeavors.
Best regards»

Blaise Fontaine and Didier Collin
Collin Fontaine Architectes