Dior Joaillerie Genève


Rue du Rhône, 35

Opening : December 2016

50 m2

The Dior Joaillerie boutique is located at 35 Rue du Rhône. The building is classified as Swiss heritage under the Department of Monuments and Sites and was designed by the renowned architect Pierre Braillard in the 1960s. 

Local architect :
Cécile Morel

Christian Dior entrusted us with an interior architecture and comprehensive design mission for their boutique project.

In close collaboration with the architecture department at Christian Dior headquarters in Paris, we tailored the decoration concept for the Geneva arcade. We handled all administrative procedures for building permits, supervised the tender process, and executed the construction, taking into account the technical safety constraints specific to a high jewelry boutique.

The luxurious design of the boutique draws inspiration from a boudoir, creating an intimate salon that blends modernity with elegance.

The walls are adorned with a white decorative textured paint and dressed in grey silk, crafted by highly skilled artisans.

Mirrors feature prominently: on the walls, doors, furniture, and ceiling. This strategic use enhances the sense of spaciousness and creates captivating light effects.

Natural light reflects off contemporary furniture, while shades of grey and pink—signature to Christian Dior—establish an intimate ambiance, transforming the boutique into a true jewel box.

Dior grey is showcased in an infinite variety of tones and materials, evident in every detail, from silk-upholstered medallion chairs to moiré carpets and curtains.

Clients :
Maison Christian Dior – Groupe LVMH

Photos :
Cécile Morel