Baby Dior Genève


Rue Robert-Céard 5

Opening : avril 2017

90 m2

The arcade is located in a listed Swiss heritage building made of cut stone.

This was formerly the Dior Joaillerie boutique, previously renovated by the renowned American architect Peter Marino. Following the completion of our first boutique for Maison Christian Dior (Dior Joaillerie in Geneva), the prestigious house entrusted us with the creation of a second boutique, Baby Dior.

Local architect :
Cécile Morel 

Just as with the Dior Joaillerie boutique, we were commissioned as the local architect to create the luxurious boutique.

Our responsibility included adapting the decorative concept, managing administrative procedures for building permits, studying and applying the design concept, handling the tender process, supervising the construction, schedule, and costs.

The boutique is divided into two distinct spaces: a first area dedicated to Dior Kids and a rear space for Baby Dior. These two parts feature different décors, the former being modern, contrasting, and sleek.

Upon entering, the lines of Dior Kids unfold in a décor reminiscent of a classic salon, complete with an old fireplace and walls adorned with moldings. The custom-made oak clothing racks add a touch of elegance. In the background, within a space where the ceiling is painted to depict a sky, are the creations of the Baby Dior line.

The second space, decorated in toile de Jouy, offers a soft and cozy atmosphere, with fittings on the walls in a palette of soft pink and blue tones.

The color harmoniously ties the two spaces together, creating visual continuity and a cohesive experience for clients.

Clients :
Maison Christian Dior – Groupe LVMH

Photos :
Cécile Morel