Appartement Malagnou


In progress : delivery expected in 2024

Apartment : 400 m2 + terraces 

Apartment located at the 6th floor of luxury building in Geneva.

Interior architecture and  Execution :
Cécile Morel Architecture d’Intérieur

Project carried out in collaboration with the prestigious international architecture firm Yodezeen, renowned for its high-end projects worldwide, with offices in Kiev, London, Warsaw, California, and Miami.

Our client, who has already benefited from Yodezeen’s services for several residences in various countries, naturally entrusted this renowned agency with the interior design of this apartment.

As for us, in 2010, Cécile Morel had already completed an apartment design project for the client in Geneva. Thus, it is natural that our collaboration with Yodezeen continues for the creation of this luxury apartment. Despite the distance of several thousand kilometers between us, a strong trust has been established between our two agencies.

Our mission in this project includes obtaining building permits, managing the tender process, and supervising the execution of works, with particular attention to materiality, details, and finishes.

The 400m2 apartment is located on the 6th floor of a high-end building in Geneva, offering a spacious entrance, a large cloakroom, a reception lounge, a TV room/office, a very large Master suite including a bedroom, a huge dressing room, and a spacious bathroom with sauna, a fitness room with a bathroom, a laundry room, and a guest bedroom with its own bathroom.

Exceptional materials have been selected for this project, with woodwork or natural stone coverings on all floors and walls. The lighting, subtly integrated into false ceilings, gives a contemporary character to each room. We collaborate with exceptional craftsmen, such as those responsible for installing solid wood flooring over more than 300m2, a traditional French parquet where each wood slat is numbered according to a custom layout, resembling a Versailles parquet design.

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Architecte / Interior design / Concept :

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Cécile Morel