HOUSE attorneys

Lawyer office

Route de Frontenex, 41A

350 m2

In progress : delivery expected in 2024

HOUSE is an exclusive Swiss law firm specializing in intellectual property, taxation, dispute resolution, corporate advisory, and strategic counsel.

Interior architecture and design :
Cécile Morel 

As its name suggests, HOUSE is a law firm in Switzerland that combines legal expertise with a strong commitment to human values. We aimed to understand the team dynamics to create a space reflecting their universe. Our goal was to design a legal office while fostering a relaxed atmosphere akin to a home, inspiring confidence and breaking traditional norms.

Our clients entrusted us with the complete interior architecture mission. We managed the entire process, from administrative procedures for building permits to overseeing construction. We optimized room layouts to suit specific client needs and handled furniture selection, including bespoke pieces like the reception desk.

We crafted a soft, welcoming environment with beige carpeting and accents in “Hague blue,” now an iconic color of the space’s identity. Transparent glass partitions were used to define spaces, allowing light in and creating an inviting ambiance. Furniture, designed by artisans, features sophisticated tones of browns, beige, blue, and black. Additionally, lounge areas were incorporated for relaxation and socializing.

Clients :
HOUSE attorneys

Photos :
Cécile Morel